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There are links related to specific topics contained in each of the sections as they're presented. This page contains summary websites that provide overall information related to Mormonism.

Some of the sections are specifically targeted to the devout LDS audience whereas others are for the critic. Some sections have a mixture of the two. We have tried to clarify the target audience.



Church-sanctioned sources

Supporting critic's position

Supporting devout's position

Other scholarly works

Supporting members

Supporting LDS missionaries

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Church-sanctioned Historical Sources

Members examining truth statements of the LDS Church often have a hard time finding "safe" sources. They fear that anything that does not paint the Church or its teachings in a positive light must be "anti"-Mormon. Sometimes even material found on won't be looked at or believed by some devout members if it is not what a member has believed all their life.

Here we list as many historical sources as possible (digital versions). These sources are safe and do not have "anti"-Mormon information on the page.

In general, scanned images of original documents are the most reliable as there is less chance of errors in the material, yet it is painstaking to find specific text, and sometimes you must skim/read through a lot of information. Sources listed as text format have been converted from the original document into text and are much easier to search through and find specific information. There is the possibility of error in these documents, so it's best to verify by also looking up the scanned copy when it's available (the sources listed have been very reliable when we have verified for accuracy).

The Joseph Smith Papers - The Church has begun to publish online the earliest handwritten documents, diaries, letterbooks, revelations, etc.

1830 Book of Mormon (the 1830 edition did not have chapter breaks or verses)

  • Scan of the book - provided by the LDS site The Joseph Smith Papers
  • Text comparison - side-by-side verses comparing the 1830 edition with the current edition
  • Text only - from The Spalding Research Project
  • Text and scan - from - can be read online or downloaded - the text version can have a lot of misspellings

1833 Book of Commandments - forerunner to the Doctrine & Covenants

  • Scan of the book - provided by the LDS site The Joseph Smith Papers
  • Text only - compares to D&C - current verses only shown if different than the 1830 version
  • Comparison Table - Wikipedia table with the 1833 BoC correlated to the 1835 D&C and the 1981 D&C

History of the Church - 7 Volumes, often called Documentary History of the Church (DHC)

The Evening and Morning Star - published by the Church in Independence, Missouri, from June 1832 to July 1833, and Kirtland, Ohio, from December 1833 to September 1834

Latter Day Saints' Messenger and Advocate - published in Kirtland, Ohio from October 1834 to September 1837

Elders' Journal of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints - published in Kirtland, Ohio 1837 and Far West, Missouri 1838

Times and Seasons - published from November 1839 to February 1846

Millennial Star - the full name is The Latter-day Saints' Millennial Star - published in England from 1840 until 1970

Journal of Discourses - published in England from 1854 to 1886 - and endorsed by the First Presidency of the Church of the time in Vol. 1

Improvement Era - published from 1897 to 1970

  • Scan of magazines - takes you to a page with the issues organized by year and volume that links to which provides the scans

Better Information - A website that finds original sources and arranges them topically and gives no commentary.

Early History - 1805-1844 - Text copies of important documents arranged by year (makes it a bit harder to find specific documents unless you know the year). The source is cited at the bottom of each document.

Book of Abraham Project - various historical sources of interest (from the home page you can find things about The Book of Abraham, but the sources below do not have anything to do with that book)

  • Journals, Diaries, Biographies, Autobiographies and Letters of some early Mormons and others who knew Joseph Smith, Jr. and/or his contemporaries. Includes ability to search all the documents at once.
  • The Nauvoo Neighbor - a "secular" weekly published in Nauvoo, Ill. between 1843 and 1845 - scans of newspapers in PDF files
  • The Parallel Joseph - historical records of Joseph Smith from various sources (when available) for particular days - arranged chronologically - searching of all documents at once is available.

Old Newspapers - from Uncle Dale's Readings in Early Mormon History - organized geographically - text only

Search the above sites using the Google search bar below. The sources are not included in this search. Some early newspapers took an negative approach to the early LDS Church, so some of the returned results may have those articles included - don't be surprised.

Dale R. Broadhurst Sites - most of the material there links to original sources that have been transcribed into text format. The site contains several extremely hard to find sources, so it's worth it to look around. The reason this site is below the others is because there are three links at the bottom of that page which are more personal/speculative. Additionally, there are links to many early "anti"-Mormon books and accounts on sub-pages. It is all part of the historical record, so keep that in mind when visiting.

Sites supporting the critic's position

Sites supporting the devout LDS position

Other scholarly works

Sites supporting LDS members

Sites Supporting Missionaries

  • Future Missionary - site made by Returned Missionaries to help new missionaries prepare to go on a mission. Informative and useful information.

Discussion boards and forums – devout and critical

  • Recovery Board (largest, most popular exMormon site - former & some struggling members.)
  • PostMormon Forum (mostly former members discussing the church, friendly and more intimate setting)
  • Mormon Discussions (perhaps the most neutral, more critics than faithful but includes many apologists)
  • Life After Mormonism (mostly former members - and has a lively weekend chatroom)
  • Mormon Dialogue (run by FAIR - pro church. Note: The admins will ban you at the drop of a hat if you challenge them too much)
  • Reddit (Forum for ex-Mormons)
  • StayLDS (designed to keep members in - current admins will delete non-faith-promoting comments)
  • New Order Mormon (Mostly active members that no longer believe in all of the church)
  • Aimoo: TheViewFromTheFoyer (members, questioning members)
  • Exmormon Group (Post Mormons)
  • Ex-Mormon Forums
  • Ex Mormons Unite This new forum seeks to help those who are leaving or thinking of leaving the LDS church to communicate with their loved ones and heal relationships, have a safe place to talk about their concerns and the financial means to seek professional help when needed, and promote truth and full-disclosure from the leadership of the Mormon church to their members and prospective members.
  • FaceBook: There are many FaceBook forums for ex-Mormons and questioning Mormons. Some of the more popular ones are:

    Mormon VIP lounge

    Mormon Studies Podcast

    Exmo Underground



International Web Sites


Evangelical Christians critiquing Mormon history


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